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LG Energy Solution to Launch New Hybrid Inverter System in Europe

  • New single phase Hybrid Inverter System for European households to be available in July
  • Customers to benefit from effortless installation and commissioning of both batteries and inverters, coupled with seamless after-sales experience
New Hybrid Inverter System in High Voltage (left) and Low Voltage (right) Options

Frankfurt, Germany, June 29, 2023 — LG Energy Solution(LGES: KRX; 373220), a leading global manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, is launching a new hybrid inverter system to meet the diverse needs of European households.

Scheduled to debut in July, this upcoming solution is equipped with a built-in backup function, purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate with the brand’s unique batteries. It marks LGES’s pioneering venture from a battery supplier to comprehensive system provider.

Responding to ever-growing demands from installers and homeowners, the new hybrid inverter comes in both high-voltage(HV) and low-voltage(LV) configurations.

The HV option, initially available in Spain and Italy, combines new 400V Prime batteries (Usable Energy: 9.6kWh, 16kWh) with hybrid inverters (5kW, 6kW). With the capability to connect one inverter to up to 2 batteries for expanded energy capacity and power, the system can deliver the maximum capacity of 32kWh, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking robust and efficient high-energy and high-power systems.

The LV option can be connected in parallel with up to 2 units of the existing 48V batteries (Usable Energy: 5.9kWh, 8.8kWh, 11.7kWh), resulting in a maximum capacity of 23.4kWh. This comprehensive battery + inverter solution is designed for customers seeking affordable systems with high capacity, and will be available throughout all of Europe.

The batteries’ streamlined architecture and plug-and-play design make them a perfect fit for newly installed solar and energy storage systems, while also offering retrofit options for households with pre-existing PV systems.

Accompanying this new solution is LGES’s live monitoring app, beneficial for both installers and customers. Installers can enjoy simplified installation processes, while customers are granted real-time access to data on both solar energy production and home energy consumption patterns. Installers and home owners will soon also enjoy a seamless user experience with streamlined service and technical support all through LGES as the central hub.

“The best thing about our new combined solution is its convenience,” said Denny Thiemig, President of LG Energy Solution Europe GmbH. “Not only do installers benefit from a remarkably simplified installation and commissioning process — customers can now access all the services they need through a single point of contact. It’s totally effortless.”

LGES’s new hybrid inverter solutions firmly establish the company’s dedication to providing customers with an exceptional and dependable experience. The innovative integration perfectly embodies the brand’s unwavering pursuit of excellence as a leading global battery manufacturer, guaranteeing unmatched satisfaction at every stage, be it installation, operation, or service.

To further solidify its commitment, the new hybrid inverter system comes with an extensive 10-year warranty, providing customers with long-term reliability and peace of mind, covering both the battery and the inverter.