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LG Energy Solution Michigan Takes Big Step Toward its Social Responsibility Goals with Vital Blood Drives

LG Energy Solution Michigan (LGES Michigan) has passionately supported various activities to better the lives of people living in the local community, including becoming a premiere sponsor of Habitat for Humanity’s Lakeshore branch. These efforts are in line with LGES’s unwavering commitment to achieving greater social responsibility, as well as the blood drives it has organized across Michigan.

LGES Michigan regularly hosts blood drives at the Versiti Blood Center located in LGES facilities so that its compassionate employees can take time out of their busy schedules to donate the blood needed to save so many lives. 

The Versiti Blood Center in Michigan has been an important provider of blood donations and services in the area since 1955, and now collects around 120,000 units of blood each year and boasts a stem cell (marrow) program that is nationally recognized. Versiti takes responsibility for the health of communities under its “People need people” vision, which aligns with LGES’s mission to exert a beneficial influence on humanity on both a local and global scale.

LGES Michigan’s Holland facility recently hosted a blood drive in which 18 people donated their blood in the hope of helping the people that need it most. Since each donation can save up to 3 lives, the company’s selfless employees could potentially give 54 people in their community a second chance at life. LGES Michigan Tech Center in Troy also hosted a blood drive on November 9 which saw 14 people donate blood and with that, another 42 people potentially saved.

“Organizing these blood drives so that our employees can easily donate their blood is a pleasure. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the smiles on their faces after they realize they’ve done something truly meaningful with their day,” said Emily Gilcrest, the HR specialist at LGES Michigan responsible for organizing impactful CSR activities such as blood drives.

“Over the years, I’ve been able to meet many amazing children who have benefited from life-saving blood donations, so I’ve seen first-hand how donating blood can truly give the gift of life,” said Val Gent, communications manager of LGES Michigan. LGES Michigan is hoping to arrange many more blood drives at its facilities in the future, as it continues to prioritize helping communities by handing out unique opportunities and lending a helping hand when it’s needed.