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Supplementary Stories

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Funds Electromobility Laboratory at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Taking another step towards realizing its ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) vision, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw (LGES Wroclaw), the largest private employer in Lower Silesia and one of the biggest investors in Poland, donated over PLN 600,000 (USD 136,500) toward the education of students attending the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. As another example of the company fulfilling its responsibilities to the local community and youth, this donation is especially meaningful as it will be directly used to fund the university’s ‘Electromobility Laboratory.’

The Electromobility Laboratory will be a specialized educational facility where students can gain valuable experience and expand their technical knowledge. The university launched a new course on ‘Electromobility’ but did not have a laboratory for students to carry out their own research. LGES Wroclaw stepped in to offer financial support. In doing so, LGES Wroclaw also assumed patronage of the ‘Electromobility’ course conducted at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

“Thanks to the financial support provided by LG Energy Solution, an Electromobility Laboratory dedicated primarily to the students of our new faculty will be established for our department,” explained Professor Mateusz Dybkowski, Ph.D. of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. “The donated amount will also be used to purchase essential power electronics systems related to electric vehicles, among other things.”

With the belief that an investment in education is an investment in the human resources of the future, LGES Wroclaw hopes to lead the Europe into a new era of electromobility. “Our hope is that this contribution will foster the development of many talented young people who share our goals,” said Jangha Lee, President of LGES Wroclaw. “Together we can strengthen Poland’s economy by positioning it as the leader of Europe in the electromobility industry.”

In pursuit of its ESG vision: “We CHARGE toward a better future,” LGES Wroclaw is more committed than ever to environmental conservation in the best way it knows how – by promoting electromobility in Poland. The company fulfills its responsibilities to the local community at the same time by joining national events like the largest test of electric vehicles – EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, as well as local events including a “win an electric car for the weekend” campaign.