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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Holds CSR Exhibition to Inspire Greater Sense of Achievement

LG Energy Solution (LGES) Wroclaw is showcasing its wide-ranging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, as the largest investor and employer in the Lower Silesia region. In an effort to make employees feel empowered, LGES Wroclaw is going beyond advocating its contribution to the Polish economy as the European leader of the battery industry. To underline its powerful work for the local community, universities, and the environment, LGES Wroclaw is hosting a special CSR exhibition from January to June, inviting employees to see the difference they made in 2022.

Employees viewing CSR exhibition

In line with its global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) vision of “We CHARGE toward a better future,” the exhibition has a key theme for each letter of the word “CHARGE” that stands for key areas within which the company is implementing projects to become even more environmentally friendly and closer to the community. Let’s take a brief tour of the diverse CSR projects featured, letter by letter.

(C) “Climate Action & Circular Economy”
LGES Wroclaw assisted the Wroclaw authorities in measuring water quality when the Oder River was struck by a mass mortality event. These measurements not only served to quickly assess the condition of the region’s water and ensure the safety of residents, but also underscored the city’s fruitful cooperation with a responsible business.

Zone H: Human Value Management

(H) “Human Value Management”
LGES Wroclaw has invested in nurturing the next generation of experts by organizing internships, job fairs and competitions. In 2022, it worked with five distinguished Polish universities specializing in technological innovation including Opole University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, where it donated more than PLN 600,000 (USD 136,500) for a new Electromobility Laboratory. The company also supported people interested in Asian culture and studies by sponsoring the 8th Asian Studies Festival.

Zone A: Advanced Environment, Health and Safety (EH & S)

(A) “Advanced Environment, Health and Safety (EH & S)”
LGES Wroclaw has continuously cooperated with local police and fire departments to create a leading emergency response center, which is an integral part of the LGES Wroclaw plant, located in its technological park. With more than 40 firefighters on duty, employees and residents feel safe knowing that help is close by in case of an emergency. What’s more, the company enhanced road safety by holding safety training sessions and workshops for its Korean employees and their families under the guidance of local police.

Zone R: Responsibilities & Impactful Business

(R) “Responsibilities & Impactful Business”
LGES Wroclaw founded a community daycare center, called ‘UL’ which means ‘House of Bees’ in Polish, to help employees balance their work and parenting responsibilities effectively. Also, LGES Wroclaw demonstrated its commitment to growing Poland’s economy by ranking No.1 in the automotive sector on the nation’s List 2000, while also debuting in top 10 contributors to the Polish economy on List 500 – both influential rankings run by one of the country’s biggest daily newspapers, Rzeczpospolita.

(G) “Good Governance”
In its commitment to employee welfare, the company opened gyms and a learning center. Its in-house gyms are one of the initiatives LGES Wroclaw undertakes to support employees’ health, active lifestyles and time management.

Zone E: ESG Disclosure & Communication

(E) “ESG Disclosure & Communication”
As the industry leader, LGES Wroclaw successfully promoted the country’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) by sponsoring Poland’s largest EV test day called ‘EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wroclaw,’ which hosted insightful presentations, competitive races and EV test drives. LGES Wroclaw also hosted Media Open Day in October, inviting key journalists from 20 local and national media outlets to strengthen the company’s local presence.

The exhibition was a meaningful opportunity for employees to learn more about the company’s values and CSR activities, and feel a sense of achievement when reminded of all the CSR projects that would not have been possible without their enthusiasm and engagement.

“The company’s activities do not stop at increasing production capacity,” said Jangha Lee, President of LGES Wroclaw. “As the largest investor and employer in Lower Silesia, we strive to make a real, meaningful impact on the well-being of our people and those residing in the local community, while ensuring we help preserve the environment the best we can.”