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LG Energy Solution Shines at InterBattery 2023

LG Energy Solution Booth at the InterBattery 2023

InterBattery 2023, Korea’s largest battery exhibition, took place from March 15 to 17 with a record crowd – over 60,000 visitors including industry insiders and policymakers from around the world.

Under the core theme of ‘Beyond Batteries, Empowering the Future,’ LG Energy Solution (LGES) showcased its innovative technology and next-generation batteries, and presented a blueprint for the battery industry to drive the clean energy transition. Here are some highlights of what LGES presented at the show.

Interbattery 2023: Behind the Scenes and Highlights

Consumer-Engaging Booth
LGES delivered a variety of engaging content which allowed consumers to have hands-on experience and understanding of the potential and capabilities of EV batteries. At the center of the booth sat the Ford Mustang Mach-E, a popular electric SUV, and Lucid Air, the premium sedan made by Lucid Motors. LGES supplies batteries with high capacity and power for these EVs. As both vehicles are currently unavailable in Korea, visitors were curious to check them out by sitting inside and interacting with the vehicle’s display.

Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV and Lucid Air are on display at LG Energy Solution’s exhibition booth during InterBattery 2023

In addition, LGES presented expansive digital signage through a video in an anamorphic format. Anamorphic videos display everything wider than it actually is to create a more immersive and cinematic feel, so visitors could see how batteries will change our lives and the future of the planet more graphically. People also had a chance to wear VR goggles and gain interesting information about batteries in an interactive way, further strengthening consumer engagement.

Introducing Unlimited Battery Innovation
LGES is breaking down the boundaries and limitations of battery sizes and shapes by offering a wide range of solutions. At the exhibition, the company showcased pouch-type long cell batteries for GMC Hummer EV trucks and cylindrical batteries embedded in various IT devices and robot power tools. LGES also showcased its freeform battery that it developed for the first time in the world and curved batteries that are ergonomically designed to be fitted into VR goggles.

Home Battery in Energy Storage System (ESS) Zone

Technology & Sustainability Efforts for the Better Future
LGES set up Energy Storage System (ESS) zone and became the first company to introduce lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells to the public in a Korean exhibition. The company also unveiled the power grid solutions and residential uses equipped with LFP battery cells that offer lower prices and stability.

In the Core Technology Zone, LGES introduced its cutting-edge technologies behind next-generation batteries, such as all-solid-state batteries with improved safety and lightweight lithium-sulfur batteries with high energy density.

The Netherlands’ trade minister (center) takes a tour of the LGES booth
(Credit: The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Korea Facebook Page)

Visitors could also take a look at various ESG activities from LGES that was introduced as part of its ESG vision of “We CHARGE toward a better future.” As more consumers value companies that put the environment first and fulfill their social responsibilities, the company is preparing for a sustainable future and energy transition through various initiatives such as becoming the first in the industry to join RE100 and actively investing in battery recycling.

InterBattery, which celebrated its 11th anniversary this year, was organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and Korea Battery Industry Association. A total of 477 companies, including major battery makers like LGES and other battery-related companies, took part in the event. Led by LGES, Korean battery companies are at the forefront of the battery industry with a combined market share of around 23% as of 2022, according to market research firm SNE Research. LGES is fully dedicated to continuously driving the global energy transition towards a better and greener future.