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LG Energy Solution Stands Out for Global Leadership at InterBattery Europe 2023

LG Energy Solution booth at InterBattery Europe 2023

InterBattery Europe 2023, the first-ever InterBattery exhibition held outside Korea, successfully debuted in Munich, Germany, from June 14 to 16. LG Energy Solution (LGES) also participated, showcasing its latest products and innovative technologies. The show took place within The Smarter E Europe, Europe’s largest platform for the energy industry, which featured a new record of more than 2,450 exhibitors and 106,000 visitors this year.

Highlights from InterBattery Europe 2023 Exhibition (YouTube)

Following its appearance at InterBattery 2023 in Korea in March, LGES successfully highlighted its unparalleled battery technologies once again, and engaged with its global customers at InterBattery Europe. The company’s booth was composed of three sections specially designed to introduce Advanced Automotive Batteries, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Mobility & IT Batteries.

LG Energy Solution booth at InterBattery Europe 2023

As we pass by the electric vehicles on display, let’s look at LGES’s advanced automotive battery powering various passenger and commercial vehicles. In this blue-themed space, people could finally see these batteries in person and learn all about them through an intuitive touch screen.

A visitor looking at LG Energy Solution batteries on display

Additional insight into the batteries used by Porsche and Volvo was provided. The Porsche Taycan utilizes short cells (E66A) and modules by LGES, which incorporates the world’s first successfully commercialized silicon-based anode material and double-layer coating technology. Volvo also partnered with LGES for its all-electric XC40, which is based on its pure electric vehicle platform, CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, both vehicles sport fast charging and long driving ranges.  

Commercial Vehicle Batteries zone at the LG Energy Solution booth

Visitors also had a chance to see LGES’s batteries for commercial vehicles, which require robust battery performance to meet the demanding requirements of long trips and high-power outputs. LGES supplies high-capacity, high-power batteries by implementing the high energy density of pouch-type batteries, specifically Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide (NCM) batteries.

A visitor experiencing LG Energy Solution technologies while wearing VR googles

Furthermore, attendees had a unique opportunity to wear Virtual Reality (VR) goggles and immerse themselves in an interactive presentation of intriguing battery information.

At the center of the booth, in the Electric Vehicles Zone, the Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Megane E-Tech EVs were on display.

Since 2016, LGES has collaborated with Volkswagen on the development of its dedicated MEB (Modular Electric Drive Matrix) platform, focusing on high-performance battery creation.

The ID.3 Pro S on show boasts a 77kWh battery capacity which enables a remarkable driving range of approximately 560 km (347 miles) on a single charge.

LGES has supplied the batteries of Renault’s flagship EV for over a decade, resulting in another joint project on Renault’s EV ‘CEF-EV’ platform. Built on this special platform, the Renault Megane E-Tech incorporates low-profile cells (E60A) and modules of LGES into its battery pack to permit a slim design, unlocking its low height and light weight.

LGES’s cutting-edge battery technology is being deployed in various EVs as it continues to meet the diverse demands of global OEM companies and play a significant role in achieving the mass adoption of EVs and carbon neutrality.

A visitor looks into how LGES small-sized batteries work

In the Mobility & IT Batteries Zone, visitors could enjoy the LGES small-sized batteries which enrich our daily lives and constantly evolve to provide even greater dynamism. An Augmented Reality (AR) promoter in a touch pad explained how these advanced batteries support better future more than we realized.  

Small-sized batteries can be categorized into two types: cylindrical and pouch-type. 2170 and 1865 cylindrical batteries of LGES, utilized in everyday items from power tools to scooters, cars, and even satellites, open the door to high productivity and durability along with a competitive price. Pouch-type batteries are made to be lightweight and flexible, so that they can be used in portable IT devices such as smartphones and laptops.

With VR devices becoming increasingly popular, LGES has developed special curved batteries that consider the human body’s curvature. Placed at the back of the device, these curved batteries improve usability and weight imbalance more than existing ones which typically concentrate around the front of the device.

Throughout the first InterBattery Europe, LGES emphasized its technology and industry leadership among European battery and EV market and helped visitors understand how better batteries work toward a better future. As a responsible energy leader, LGES is committed to shaping a sustainable future for humanity that goes beyond technology.