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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Shows No Signs of Slowing Down as Europe’s Undisputed Battery Leader

Having solidified its position as Europe’s largest and one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of EV batteries, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw (LGES Wroclaw) has transformed Poland into the European hub of EV battery production.

Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

Jangha Lee, President of LGES Wroclaw, was recently interviewed by Poland’s prominent economic publication Puls Biznesu ahead of Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol’s visit to the country. This insightful interview delved into important topics, covering the company’s investments, business direction and strategy, as well as its technological innovation and industry-leading next-generation batteries.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw (Poland)

While LG Energy Solution has announced its plan to achieve a total capacity of 300GWh across its global network of plants in 2023, LGES Wroclaw’s capacity will be expanded from 86GWh to 90GWh by the end of this year. LGES Wroclaw currently employs 7,000 employees.

Aligned with LG Energy Solution’s focus on smart factory, LGES Wroclaw is actively participating in and supporting the initiative aimed at increasing productivity. This project will promote the development of an efficient plant fully equipped with advanced technologies such as management based on predictive maintenance, automation and intellectualization using big data.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw (Poland)

As Poland and Korea have been working closely to strengthen economic cooperation, LGES Wroclaw is supporting this international partnership not only through contributing to the local economy but also by helping Poland position itself as a leader in the European battery industry. 

As a result, the number of companies cooperating with LGES Wroclaw is in the two-digits, and LGES Wroclaw ranked 8th on the list of the 500 largest companies in Poland by the country’s business newspaper Rzeczpospolita in May 2023, demonstrating its importance to the Polish economy.

In addition to LGES Wroclaw’s solid footing in Europe’s battery scene, Puls Biznesu also covered next-generation and ESS battery projects led by the LG Energy Solution headquarters.

LG Energy Solution is making every effort to ensure its future readiness and capability of commercializing polymer-based solid-state batteries by 2026, lithium-sulfur batteries by 2027, and sulfide-based solid-state batteries by 2030.

Solid-state batteries, which are rechargeable batteries with a solid electrolyte between the cathode and anode, combine high energy density and a high capacity with a low risk of combustion. Lithium-sulfur batteries are made from lightweight materials with the cathode made of sulfur-carbon composite and the anode of lithium-metal, which gives them an energy density 1.5 times higher than conventional lithium-ion batteries.

LG Energy Solution is also strengthening its position as a leading ESS innovator. The energy storage system market is gaining prominence worldwide due to governments introducing policies that promote the use of renewable energy. ESS batteries are currently being produced in its plants in Ochang, Korea and Nanjing, China, and there are plans to commence production of LFP pouch-type batteries in Queen Creek, Arizona in 2026.