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LG Energy Solution Michigan Continuously Joins Hands with Local Community

Tulip Time Festival (Source: Tulip Time Festival Homepage)

LG Energy Solution Michigan (LGES Michigan) not only strives to excel in the battery industry but also aims to strengthen social and economic contribution with various activities aligned with local governments’ policies such as creating jobs, and assisting and collaborating with local academic institutions and start-ups. Its most recent efforts to bring joy to locals include sponsoring the Tulip Time Festival and Community Impact Day.

Since the annual Tulip Time Festival was born in 1929, millions of people have graced the festival to enjoy the unique beauty of its tulips. At the 94th Tulip Time Festival, a historic event held in downtown Holland, Michigan from May 6 to 14, LGES Michigan participated as an Orange Tulip sponsor with the hope of creating an even more open dialogue with the local community.

During the festival, Michigan emphasized the importance of equality, listening, and relationships among the people while promoting a message of embracing diversity. LGES Michigan fully understood the Great Lakes State’s goal and did not hesitate to step up as a main sponsor of one of its biggest and most colorful festivals. Featured as an Orange Tulip Sponsor, the company appeared on the festival’s official accounts alongside sponsored events and created the banner for Tulip Time Parade.

Tulip Time Parade (Source: LGES Michigan Facebook)

This year’s Tulip Time Festival sponsored by LGES Michigan presented various legacy events: Tulip Time Parade, Kinderparade, Tulip Immersion Garden, Carnival, and Dutch Dancing.

  • Tulip Time Parade: Community members donned traditional Dutch costumes while dozens of bands from West Michigan middle and high schools performed alongside members of the community. Nearly 150 groups, organizations, and businesses – including LGES Michigan – played a part in making this parade the best ever. LGES Michigan drove a vehicle equipped with its batteries, and employees followed holding the banner while chanting, “L-G.” “We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the parade and are thankful to be part of this cherished tradition in Holland,” said an LGES official.
  • Kinderparade: Hundreds of elementary students from across the region joined the parade with their teachers in full Dutch costumes to celebrate the city’s rich heritage.
  • Tulip Immersion Garden: Ibo Gülsen, a world-famous Dutch horticulturist, showcased over 65,000 tulips arranged in three impressive, raised displays introducing the tulip’s journey from its cultivation in Türkiye to the Netherlands, where they quickly became a cultural phenomenon, and eventually how they became an important part of Holland, Michigan’s heritage in the Tulip Time Festival.
  • Carnival: The festival hosted a wide and enticing selection of 19 rides, game stations, and food vendors to entertain visitors with thrilling zips, whirls, and spins.
  • Dutch Dancing: Residents in traditional Dutch clothing that involved multiple pairs of socks and wooden shoes performed multiple Dutch folk dances, each performance lasting around 5-15 minutes.

LGES Michigan also sponsored Community Impact Day, a volunteering event with West Coast Leadership (WCL) program alumni and Chamber of Commerce members. This event, which began four years ago as a WCL program organized by the Chamber of Commerce, has now grown into a prominent initiative across the state of Michigan.

On May 17, more than 900 volunteers helped 60 non-profit organizations in the Holland area give back to the local community. All 16 organizations involved, including LGES Michigan, allowed their employees to take time out of their workday to help those in need.

LGES Michigan team members help with name tags at Camp Sunshine
during Community Impact Day (Source: WoodTV8)

LGES Michigan team members interacted with and volunteered at several local facilities – preparing for the first 14-day summer program of Camp Sunshine, a camp for adults with developmental disabilities, creating a community board and planting flowers with residents at the Appledorn Assisted Living facility, and contributing to the beautification of Southside Kayak Park and Boat Launch by planting plants.

“Whenever the people of Holland hear the name LG Energy Solution, they say ‘oh yeah, they’re great, we know them as not just a company but as a member of the community that actually cares about us and tries to impact our lives in a positive way,’” said Abby Kwak of LG Energy Solution Michigan. “I want to see more of that.”

Engaging in these diverse events demonstrates that LGES Michigan aims to build close relationships with local institutions and residents across the state. LGES Michigan promises to continue contributing to the development of the Michigan community and championing collaborations with important local organizations and residents.