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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Shares Wonders of Korean Culture

AMU students performing traditional Korean fan dance (Buchaechum)

The Korean cultural wave, known as ‘hallyu,’ continues to make colorful impacts around the world, and Poland is no exception. The Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) recently hosted Korean Culture Day to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Korean Philology department, and LG Energy Solution (LGES) Wroclaw was proud to be the main sponsor of the event.

The 20th anniversary event of Korean Philology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Held from May 15 to 16, this memorable jubilee was organized by the Korean Language Department of the Institute of Ethnolinguistics at the Faculty of Modern Languages, and was attended by around 600 distinguished guests including representatives and enthusiasts of Korean culture.

Students expressed their love and passion for Korean culture, and the event resonated with the sounds of Korean songs to create a vibrant atmosphere at AMU. The Haeohwa group, made up of female students from AMU’s Korean Philology department, performed the traditional Korean dance, ‘Buchaechum,’ dressed in traditional Korean clothing called Hanbok. They also performed “Hanryangmu,” representing jesters’ playful antics in the form of a Korean noble dance, as a main event of the ceremony.

Korean Traditional Noble Dance (Hanryangmu)

The prestigious Korean Philology Center at AMU offers students practical language learning, opportunities to explore Korea’s culture and history, and even find jobs at top Korean companies.

In support of this department, last winter, LGES Wroclaw donated dozens of books on Korean culture to the Philological Library of Collegium Novum AMU, so that students may gain a deeper understanding of Korea and its dynamic culture.

Not only did this commemorative gathering reinforce the collaborative spirit between Poland and Korea, it also presented LGES Wroclaw with another noteworthy chance to enrich the local community. The company will always try to help young people prepare for life as an adult and arouse their curiosity about the world – especially the Korean culture it holds so dear.

Haeyoung Jang, HR Planning Team Leader of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw,
giving a speech at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

LGES Wroclaw fully understands the importance of collaborating with local universities to ignite the talent and passion among the younger generation that will be essential to the Polish battery industry leading the way in the future. LGES Wroclaw has been collaborating with the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology by providing financial support for its ‘Electromobility Laboratory.’

The company also opened a community daycare center in Wroclaw to provide top-tier care services and educational opportunities to the children of employees and local parents. LGES Wroclaw aims to not only contribute economically as a leader in the battery industry but also engage closely with the Polish community to encourage more people to participate in the cultural exchange between Poland and Korea that’s ongoing and welcomes everyone.