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Fostering Future Leaders: LG Energy Solution Michigan’s Commitment to Developing Tomorrow’s Talent

  • LG Energy Solution arranged programs and sponsorships for young talent to not just recruit suitable employees in the future but also support local communities.
  • LG Energy Solution Michigan leads the way in discovering the brightest future employees.
LG Energy Solution Michigan’s Employees
LG Energy Solution Michigan’s Employees

LG Energy Solution looks for three specific traits when recruiting new employees: Passion, Professionalism, and Teamwork. With this in mind, LG Energy Solution emphasizes an HR principle grounded in the highest capability, performance, and compensation under its slogan: “Best Ability, Best Results, and Best Benefits.” This underscores its commitment to recruiting the most talented individuals globally, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender, and so on.

To foster talent aligned with such a forward-thinking philosophy, LG Energy Solution conducts beneficial programs and sponsorships, and LG Energy Solution Michigan is at the forefront of these efforts.

First Robotics Program
First Robotics Program

Supporting Michigan Black River Public School’s FIRST Robotics Teams
The FIRST Robotics program provides students with mechanical, electrical, computing, and team-building skills as a way of preparing them for future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Through collaborative efforts, students work together to design and build robots to complete a series of challenges at competitions held throughout the year.

In 2023, LG Energy Solution Michigan sponsored two middle school FIRST Robotics teams at Black River Public School. The two LG Energy Solution-backed teams participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge, which aligns with the motto: “Students learn to think like engineers.” Guided by experienced coaches and mentors, participants were given the opportunity to develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, all the while deepening their understanding of the value of hard work, innovation, and teamwork.

LG Energy Solution Michigan is excited to participate as a sponsor once again in the program this year, with the goal of offering local students chances to improve their STEM abilities.

Elmin, a parent of one of the FIRST Robotics Team members, shared his personal experience with the program, saying, “It’s amazing to see a great company like LG Energy Solution supporting one of the best schools in our area. As a parent, I really appreciate LG Energy Solution’s sponsorship of my son’s FIRST Robotics Team.”

“I would like to thank LG Energy Solution for sponsoring our Black River Robotics team,” said Omar, Elmin’s son. “Having LG Energy Solution as a sponsor motivates our team to create more advanced robots. We’re excited to progress through another year with more innovative solutions.”

Grand Valley State University’s career fair
Grand Valley State University’s career fair

Career Fair at Grand Valley State University
On February 2, LG Energy Solution Michigan attended Grand Valley State University’s career fair at the Devos Convention Center, showcasing a wide range of occupations available to them within the EV industry. This was also the perfect opportunity to exchange insights with aspiring engineers face to face.

During the four-hour event, LG Energy Solution Michigan had countless meaningful conversations with driven students interested in co-ops, internships, and automotive career paths. Communicating with students directly has become an essential part of fostering interest in LG Energy Solution and attracting the most promising talent to the EV sector.

Michigan State University Engineering Expo
On February 23, LG Energy Solution Michigan presented insights into career pathways within the EV industry at Munn Arena as part of the Engineering Expo at Michigan State University. It engaged with students from the College of Engineering, discussing topics ranging from EVs and energy to manufacturing and mobility.

LG Energy Solution Michigan shared its valuable insight to benefit future talent, valuing initiatives that promote discussions and more communication with aspiring engineers among its most important and impactful activities.

LG Energy Solution Michigan’s employees
LG Energy Solution Michigan’s employees

LG Energy Solution finds satisfaction in nurturing the talent of the future, as it not only benefits its growth but also contributes to the development and betterment of the local community.

For example, LG Energy Solution Michigan is expanding through a USD 2.7 billion expansion and investment in Michigan that is poised to create more than 1,000 new jobs with 100% company-paid health benefits. Besides creating thousands of jobs, LG Energy Solution Michigan plays a significant role as a prominent employer in Michigan and collaborates closely with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC).

As part of this commitment, LG Energy Solution Michigan plans to consistently engage in a series of activities and events that benefit the young people residing locally, in the hope of inspiring the next generation of battery experts by handing them new opportunities to gain invaluable work experience.