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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Recognized by Forbes: Leading in Talent Development and Job Creation

  • LG Energy Solution Wroclaw ranks among top employers in ‘Poland’s Best Employers 2024’ by Forbes.
  • ‘#ChargeTheFuture2’, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s paid Internship program offers students and graduates valuable EV battery experience.
LG Energy Solution Wroclaw named one of ‘Poland’s Best Employers 2024'
LG Energy Solution Wroclaw named one of ‘Poland’s Best Employers 2024′
(Source: LG Energy Solution Wroclaw website)

Not only a pioneering force operating in the battery sector, but LG Energy Solution is also a strategic partner of many nations worldwide, helping them achieve their sustainable growth goals through the development of business, education, and job creation. In recognition of these efforts, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw has been named as one of ‘Poland’s Best Employers 2024’ by Forbes Polska (Poland) and research firm Statista.

Now in its fourth year, this prestigious list acknowledges 300 companies in Poland demonstrating exceptional HR practices. The 2024 list highlights businesses that not only meet market demands but implement transparent pay policies and prioritize employee well-being.

The ‘Poland’s Best Employers 2024’ list uses a comprehensive methodology that puts great importance on the feedback of more than 20,000 Poland-based employees. Survey participants were asked to assess their employers across multiple criteria, such as job satisfaction, working conditions, growth prospects, and workplace atmosphere. This year’s list was curated from around 2,000 companies in Poland with a workforce of at least 250.

As well as honoring the companies putting their employees first, the list has become a valuable resource for job seekers looking for a workplace where they can grow. Especially in light of recent events such as rapidly evolving geopolitical situation in Europe, this underscores the importance of quickly adapting to changing work environments to ensure the highest levels of safety and well-being, two key factors in the evaluation process.

“As a company employing thousands of people across various nationalities, we address different workforce challenges and expectations every day. We reward their hard work, prioritize our employees’ comfort and health, and offer diverse opportunities to grow as a professional and a person,” said Klaudia Piatek, spokesperson for LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. “For LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, being recognized on such a prestigious list lets us know we’re on the right track and continue to meet the expectations of the demanding labor market.”

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s ‘#ChargeTheFuture2’ internship (Source: LG Energy Solution Wroclaw website)
LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s ‘#ChargeTheFuture2’ internship
 (Source: LG Energy Solution Wroclaw website)

Additionally, as one of the largest employers in Poland, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw will operate a paid internship program, called ‘#ChargetheFuture2’. It is expected to attract the most outstanding and ambitious graduates and university students by offering them an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the rapidly evolving battery technology sector. The program will run from July 15 to September 30, covering 40 positions in both production and office areas.

The immersive program includes a comprehensive three-day onboarding process that includes a tour of the entire facility within the expansive LG Energy Solution Wroclaw EV production town. This gives interns exclusive insights into all production stages and operations of Europe’s most advanced EV battery manufacturing facility. Participants will receive training in both hard and soft skills, fostering their professional competencies while fulfilling all its academic internship requirements for the most well-rounded learning experience.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw ensures that all interns are mentored by experienced professionals who are always on hand to provide support and assistance. This transparent program structure utilizes clearly defined goals and tasks so that interns can focus on honing their skills and preparing for a future career in battery technology. Those taking on the ‘#ChargeTheFuture2’ internship challenge will embark on a rewarding journey at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, the pioneering force in the EV battery industry.

LG Energy Solution’s efforts to foster top talent and create high-quality jobs are not limited to Poland. In Michigan and Arizona, in the U.S., LG Energy Solution is collaborating with educational institutions and universities to promote itself through job fairs and provide diverse opportunities for local talent. LG Energy Solution promises that these initiatives will create new possibilities for young people in the years ahead.