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Helping Hand for a Better World: LG Energy Solution Michigan’s Gift to the People of Holland

  • LG Energy Solution Michigan’s president hands over donations to Holland’s fire and police departments.
  • LG Energy Solution plans to keep reaching out a helping hand to the local community to grow together.
plans to keep reaching out a helping hand to the local community to grow together.
LG Energy Solution Michigan President Charles Hyun (middle) hands USD 10,000 checks
to Holland’s fire and police departments.
(Source: LG Energy Solution Michigan)

Companies worldwide are carrying out diverse activities to better adapt to local societies, with LG Energy Solution no exception. With a strong devotion not only to succeeding in the business world but also to joining hands with the communities surrounding its facilities, LG Energy Solution Michigan recently donated USD 20,000 to the City of Holland’s fire and police departments.

On May 16, LG Energy Solution Michigan President, Charles Hyun, hand-delivered two oversized checks worth USD 10,000 each to Holland’s Chief of Public Safety Services, Matt Messer, at Kollen Park Fire Station in Holland, Michigan. The first USD 10,000 will be used for the Operation Home Safety program, initiated by the local fire department to help members of the community and assist the recovery of fire victims, while the remaining USD 10,000 will be put into the Community Fund at the Holland Police Department enabling police officers to purchase essential items for those most in need.

“LG Energy Solution Michigan is extremely proud to help the community by supporting programs in partnership with Holland’s police and fire departments,” Hyun said. “Through this initiative, we have been deeply moved by the sheer dedication of local firefighters and police officers, and plan to continue working with them to help people in need within the community.”

“We greatly appreciate LG Energy Solution’s generous investment in our local community, which will be used to improve our police activities and the Operation Home Safety program,” Messer said. “I assure you that every dollar of this donation will be used to support members of our local community.” He also mentioned plans to purchase smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, providing accommodation for victims of fires and crimes, and creating opportunities to purchase necessities for those in vulnerable situations.

By taking on numerous initiatives, LG Energy Solution is helping to address community issues and supporting local economic growth, contributing to mutual development.

Under this mission, it has already supported the Tulip Time Festival, LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice, Toys for Tots, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity and Versiti Blood Center, to name a few.

The Tulip Time Parade in Holland, Michigan
The Tulip Time Parade in Holland, Michigan