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Creating a Winter Wonderland in the Heart of Michigan: ‘LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice’ Captivates Locals

  • To play an even bigger role in its local community, LG Energy Solution Michigan sponsors ice-themed winter event in Holland as a title sponsor
  • Hundreds took part in the winter festivities that were held in downtown Holland.
Ice sculpture of LG Energy Solution Michigan on display
at ‘LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice’ event

In its latest effort to support and connect with the local community, LG Energy Solution Michigan sponsored one of the coolest events on the Michigan calendar. ‘LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice’ was held from February 2 to 3 by Downtown Holland, Holland Park and Recreation Department, and the Holland Area Visitors Bureau. Holland and its chilly climate at this time of year set the perfect stage for a festival that forms the most incredible pieces of art out of ice.

With Holland being home to its expansive facility, LG Energy Solution Michigan is proud to serve as a title sponsor of the event, committing to donate for at least two years. It strengthens its connection with residents of Holland while helping to form a vibrant family atmosphere that unites people from all walks of life.

An ice sculptor carving ice and people taking pictures at the sculpture

Through this year’s ‘Aquarium’ theme, participants were able to enjoy an array of artwork inspired by water. Attendees could admire diverse ice sculptures scattered across downtown Holland and capture a memory of their visit by taking a selfie with the amazing art pieces on display. Ice carvers also carved an EV with LG Energy Solution’s logo for people to pose behind.

The event not only offered ice sculptures but also an array of entertaining ice-themed games. Ice cornhole and ice tic-tac-toe were among the events that proved extremely popular over the two days of festivities.

The event also featured live ice carving sessions to let visitors see in person the nation’s most talented sculptors transform thousands of pounds of ice into large-scale art pieces. People can still enjoy the beauty of these ice sculptures at GDK Park in Holland even after the event has ended, where they will continue to be displayed, weather permitting.

Members of LG Energy Solution Michigan participating in Snowmelt 5K

In addition, the first-ever ‘Holland on Ice Snowmelt 5K’ run was presented as one of the main activities, providing opportunities for 400 local people to run through the main landmarks of downtown Holland. Members of LG Energy Solution Michigan were also among the participants. “LG Energy Solution is proud to be a community partner for this family-friendly winter event in Holland,” said Charles Hyun, President of LG Energy Solution Michigan. Thanks to Holland’s unique snow removal system, whether they were running or walking, every participant was able to safely complete the race at their own pace without the usual obstacles or risks that typically come with cold weather. Waiting for them at the finish line was a commemorative medal, a winter beanie, and refreshing drinks for instant rehydration.

“How fun to plan a run all along snowmelt in downtown Holland, where the runners can check out the ice sculptures while they’re running and they don’t have to worry about slipping on the ice or the snow,” said Kara de Alvare, Marketing Director of Downtown Holland.

Throughout the annual Meltdown Sale, which coincided with ‘LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice’ in Downtown Holland this year, visitors received significant discounts at participating clothing boutiques, gift shops, art galleries, specialty stores and other businesses. And for visitors aged 21 and over, alcoholic beverages at over a dozen participating bars and restaurants were available at a cut price to be enjoyed while overlooking the wonderland’s beautiful scenery.

‘LG Energy Solution’s Holland on Ice’ was proudly presented by LG Energy Solution Michigan in collaboration with other businesses including Courtyard Marriott, Gazelle Sports, and Holland Civic Center Place who all provided some form of support to make this spectacle possible.

By getting more involved in the events that make the area a wonderful place to live and work, LG Energy Solution strives to help the local community show off its vibrant side. This strong dedication to community has been demonstrated by its active sponsorships of events held in this particular area of the Great Lakes State, such as Tulip Time Festival. LG Energy Solution promises to continue contributing to the development of the Michigan community and championing collaborations with important local organizations and residents.