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Explore ‘Little Korea’ in Poland: LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

  • LG Energy Solution Wroclaw highlights its diverse infrastructure designed to improve employees’ welfare during a media tour
  • President Jangha Lee is dedicated to prioritizing employee well-being by offering comprehensive support as a demonstration of their commitment to welfare
Media Tour at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

On the outskirts of Wroclaw, Poland, there is a small “Korean village” in Biskupice Podgorne that is home to Europe’s largest EV battery production facility, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. But how can a production facility become “Little Korea,” as the locals like to call it? It’s because within the Wroclaw facility, which has 7,000 employees, one can discover an impressive infrastructure that uses ideas from the cultures of both Poland and Korea to enhance the well-being of the people that work there.

On December 7, 2023, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw hosted a media tour to introduce its remarkable and diverse facilities that include a fire station, hospital, daycare center and more. This informative event successfully showcased the outstanding convenience and welfare amenities available to its employees, illustrating an infrastructure dedicated to enhancing their personal and professional lives.

Fire Station at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

During the meeting with journalists, Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, spoke immensely about Polish-Korean relations and the influence of both nations in shaping the Wroclaw plant into what it is today.

“The rapid development of the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw factory in Biskupice Podgorne, which has been accomplished in just five years, can be attributed to the presence of skilled engineers from South Korea. However, perhaps above all, it has been because of the exceptional dedication of our Polish engineers who successfully implemented our technology in the Wroclaw facility,” emphasizes Jangha Lee. “Many of our Polish engineers also played a crucial role in expanding LG Energy Solution’s production plants in the U.S. I can now say with confidence that the company’s achievements over the past five years would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions and tireless efforts of our Polish employees, and for that they have my utmost respect.”

Fire Station at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

The Wroclaw plant, which operates 24/7, has an Emergency Response Center which mirrors the plant’s continuous operation and boasts 38 firefighters and 2 fire trucks to ensure the ongoing safety of employees. Additionally, it contains a medical clinic providing internal medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, 24/7 emergency medical services, and psychosocial evaluations, showcasing LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s commitment to taking care of the physical and mental well-being of its people.

Daycare Center at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

In 2022, a community daycare center called “UL,” which means ‘House of Bees’ in Polish, was established. From its opening day, this childcare service was made available to not only children of its workers, but all children that reside in the Wroclaw community. Through this amazing infrastructure, employees of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw and members of the local community are able to maintain a seamless work-life balance and carry out both their work and family commitments with greater convenience.

Exploring the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw cafeteria reveals a beautiful fusion of Poland and Korea. In addition to offering the local cuisine, the facility’s restaurant offers various Korean dishes with plenty of side dishes to enjoy including its world-renowned national dish of Kimchi. The facility even has a store where employees can purchase products imported from Korea.

As part of its mission to enhance employees’ health and sharpen their focus, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw features numerous recreational facilities, including a games room equipped with table tennis and football tables, a sports facility that hosts diverse exercise classes, and a large hall for movie screenings.

Additionally, the on-site Learning Center provides around 1,000 training courses every year, generously supporting employees with the education they need to develop their skills and career.

“LG Energy Solution Wroclaw consistently endeavors to provide comprehensive support, including social benefits such as medical services, insurance, and education, as a reflection of its steadfast commitment to the well-being of the workforce,” said Jangha Lee. “While aligning with the values and principles of our organizational culture is crucial, our number one priority has always been our employees.”

Gain further insights into LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s exceptional employee welfare package by reading through this interview with Jangha Lee.

 Emergency Response Center at Energy Solution Wroclaw

In addition to this insightful media tour, LG Energy Solution Wrocław secured the top spot in the automotive sector on the Polish national List 2000, a well-regarded ranking system conducted by the country’s business newspaper, Rzeczpospolita, and Warsaw’s leading private university, Kozminski University.

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw also participated in ees (electrical energy storage) Europe 2023, Europe’s largest and most diverse international exhibition and conference for batteries and energy storage systems. During the event, the company showcased its cutting-edge battery and energy storage technology while highlighting its contribution to economic cooperation between Poland and Korea.

Poland now has over 600 Korean-capital enterprises, of which approximately 50% of them are based in Wroclaw and the surrounding area. With such a strong foundation in place, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is reaffirming its unwavering commitment to serving as the main bridge between Korea and Poland.

According to the Polish Ministry of Development and Technology, South Korea holds a crucial position as an economic partner for Poland. In recent years, a significant and dynamic surge in trade turnover has been observed, reaching an all-time high of over USD 10 billion in 2022. Moreover, the Republic of Korea emerged as the leading Asian investor in Poland in 2021, with the value of its foreign direct investment (FDI) in Poland reaching USD 4.5 billion by the end of that year.