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Beyond Borders: LG Energy Solution’s Pioneering Initiatives to Preserve Natural Harmony

  • In commemoration of World Environmental Education Day, LG Energy Solution is elevating its commitment to safeguarding nature for future generations
  • As environmental issues transcend individual and even national boundaries, LG Energy Solution is more committed to addressing and resolving this threat than ever

[World Environmental Education Day Special]

World Environmental Education Day is a global initiative that raises awareness about environmental issues and the importance of protecting the planet. It serves to enhance people’s understanding of climate change’s impact at various levels and fosters new hope for effective mitigation measures. Every year since 1975, this movement has been held on January 26 to promote the principles of environmental education within the United Nations (UN)’ framework. To commemorate this global celebration of the planet and all living things, LG Energy Solution is pleased to introduce its ongoing programs, dedicated efforts, and various initiatives that combat climate change and make this world a better place to live for everyone.

To address climate change in the most effective manner, all stakeholders, who may have different perspectives, must reach a consensus on a shared goal so that they may tackle the challenges at hand together. Recognizing the severe risks posed by climate change, LG Energy Solution is not only making individual efforts but is also establishing a diverse global network that it can leverage to amplify its influence in the fight against global warming.

In April 2022, LG Energy Solution joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), pledging to align its business activities with the society’s ten principles, which encompass not only the environment-related ones – ‘Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges / undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility / encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies’ – but also human rights, labor, and anti-corruption.

LG Energy Solution is also striving to ensure that the UN can achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and intends to disclose every related activity it conducts and achievement it makes to inspire others to do the same. LG Energy Solution is engaging in various sustainability management activities aimed at contributing to the achievement of the 17 SDGs. It considers both the direct and indirect impacts of its entire value chain to help the world reach these goals.

Specifically, LG Energy Solution is minimizing pollutants by managing and disclosing exactly how much it emits throughout the year. It has also established internal management standards that are more stringent than legal emission limits and replaced facility boilers with low nitrogen oxide (NOx) burners to lessen its emissions significantly. Efforts to minimize air pollutants include establishing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) monitoring system, improving A/C Tower facilities and supply/exhaust systems, and undertaking various management efforts.

LG Energy Solution is also closely managing its water usage via a risk management system that optimizes usage and management levels. To secure water resources for its business, it analyzes the possibility of supplying dedicated water before installing facilities on site while responding to various water-related laws and regulations.

LG Energy Solution utilizes the Aqueduct Program created by the WRI (World Resource Institute) throughout its global production facilities to analyze water stress, indicating the prospect of water scarcity in each region. It is also engaged in various water conservation efforts, such as optimizing chilled water system management by increasing heat exchange efficiency through chiller and cooling tower pipes, and reusing concentrated wastewater generated from the reverse osmosis (RO) system as the cooling tower’s coolant.

As the global climate change challenge knows no borders, addressing it requires collaborative efforts across all countries. To catalyze transformations in the global battery value chain, LG Energy Solution is actively communicating its environmental commitments and goals, with a specific focus on climate goals, to suppliers. The company conducts educational programs to heighten awareness among these suppliers and develops and disseminates technical resources, including Carbon Neutrality Guidelines. Furthermore, LG Energy Solution is leading suppliers’ capacity-building programs to contribute to the overarching transformation.

That’s why LG Energy Solution’s ESG management is directed towards shaping the future of the world and humanity, with a strong commitment to innovation that makes meaningful contributions to global carbon neutrality and the well-being of people today as well as future generations.