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LG Energy Solution’s Efforts for Fostering Young Talents in China

  • LG Energy Solution has various educational initiatives aimed at cultivating the next generation of the global energy industry
  • Programs in China focus not only on the future of the clean energy industry but also on fostering cultural exchanges between Korea and China
  • As the industry leader, LG Energy Solution is committed to providing sustained and comprehensive support for the growth and advancement of young, promising talents
Student Participants in China University Student Battery Innovation Contest 2023

LG Energy Solution is operating a range of programs aimed at enhancing the scientific and technological capabilities of young minds in an effort to cultivate the next generation who will shape the future of the energy industry. This dedication aligns with its vision to foster an environment where young talents can develop the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation and progress.

To fulfill its commitment to inspire new growth, LG Energy Solution engages in educational initiatives to support specialized education programs around the world. In China, LG Energy Solution also organizes a variety of notable programs, such as the China University Student Battery Innovation Contest, the Korean Speech Contest, Summer Camp, and the Cooperation Agreement between LG Energy Solution and Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NJUST).

China University Student Battery Innovation Contest

Pioneering next-generation battery development in China, LG Energy Solution hosts the annual China University Student Battery Innovation Contest, an initiative aimed to fostering technological innovation among university students. It brings corporations, institutions, and universities together as a specialized platform for research and innovation in the field of power batteries.

Held for the 6th consecutive year, the event features prestigious university teams such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. The participants gained firsthand experience of LG Energy Solution’s brand ethos and social responsibility as it awarded recognition to insightful solutions.

Korean Speech Contest

LG Energy Solution aims to advance the development of the battery industry by building a strong relationship between Korea and China with networking opportunities and friendly exchanges. As such, it has organized a Korean Speech Contest for Chinese university students in collaboration with entities such as the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in Nanjing.

The annual contest began in 2022. So far, it attracted over 100 participating students and garnered approximately 300,000 online views. Continuing to gain significant momentum, the competition has provided a platform for Chinese students to showcase their Korean language proficiency and strengthen ties between the two nations.

Korean Speech Contest 2023 held by LG Energy Solution

Summer Camp: Experience Professional Life at LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution also hosts summer camp, recruiting university students in China who are interested in the new energy industry. Popularizing industrial science, the camp focuses on providing students with an innovative education and engaging in research on production lines. The success of the first camp in July 2022 attracted over 60 participants from 33 universities. During the five-day program, students gained valuable hands-on experience with simulations of real workplace activities related to industrial science and production line research.

LG Energy Solution’s leaders enthusiastically shared their personal experiences and welcomed questions from the students. Students had the opportunity to visit LG Energy Solution’s facilities under the guidance and expertise of the department leaders, observing the battery production line and gaining firsthand insight into the battery manufacturing process. These interactions enabled the students to reach a deeper understanding of LG Energy Solution, its advancements, and the intricacies of the battery industry.

Summer Camp

Cooperation Agreement between LG Energy Solution and NJUST

LG Energy Solution has bolstered its collaborative efforts with NJUST in China, signing industry-academic cooperation agreements to build a long-term foundation for the cultivation of future talents. To achieve this, LG Energy Solution and NJUST have engaged in ongoing initiatives including seminars to introduce the university’s programs and enhance talent development.

To attract diverse talent, LG Energy Solution has been concentrating efforts on technological development collaborations with scientific research institutions, organizations in related industries and startups. LG Energy Solution invests in talent development and opens innovation projects to connect talents with experts across industries.

Extending beyond educational programs, LG Energy Solution shows its dedication to developing talent with sponsorships and support, exemplified by initiatives such as the Qinghai Hainan Vocational School scholarship and public welfare project. LG Energy Solution aims to provide passionate opportunities for future talents and promises to offer unwavering support and attention for the growth of the next-generation leaders of the battery industry.