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LG Energy Solution Establishes Public Welfare Project for China’s Future Leaders

The LG Learning Support Center launch event in the public library
at Qinghai Hainan Vocational School

LG Energy Solution is fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through various initiatives. On October 16, in collaboration with the Jiangsu Women and Children’s Welfare Foundation, it jointly organized the Qinghai Hainan Vocational School scholarship and public welfare project, underlining its commitment to supporting the young students.

Since 2019, LG Energy Solution has been collaborating with obstetrics and gynecology clinics in Qinghai Province to give underprivileged students ongoing financial and educational support. The company has established two LG Learning Support Centers that help 95 regional students.

 LG Energy Solution’s Learning Support Program Plaque (left)
and Library Plaque (right)

Recently, a third LG Learning Support Center opened in Qinghai thanks to the Provincial Women’s and Children’s Foundation’s passion for public welfare and mission to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility. By establishing a public library at Qinghai Hainan Vocational School and arranging community outreach activities, this project seeks to enhance the region’s educational resources and social development. LG Energy Solution firmly believes that quality vocational education can help students better plan their future careers and realize their own personal growth, ultimately finding greater meaning in their lives.

At the end of the project’s launch event, LG Energy Solution underscored its commitment to environmental protection by giving sponsored students a science lecture on renewable energy that highlighted the importance of environmental stewardship. This lecture conveyed that corporate social responsibility entails the environment’s coexistence with local communities while outlining how renewable energy strengthens environmental foundations by reducing carbon emissions.

“Once again, it is our honor to be partnering with LG Energy Solution to offer better educational resources and growth opportunities to students in Qinghai province,” said the Jiangsu Women and Children’s Welfare Foundation leader. “This is not just about financial assistance but also about gathering the energy to fuel students’ passion for learning, boost their self-confidence, accumulate knowledge, and making a difference in their future. It is about nurturing students’ dreams and lighting the path to pursue those dreams.”

LG Learning Support Center launch event outside the Qinghai Hainan Vocational School public library
(Building Banner: “Welcome to the LG Energy Solution Nanjing Headquarters”)

With the cross-cutting theme of resilience and in line with the three strategic directions – shared resilience, social resilience and environmental resilience – LG Energy Solution is actively implementing countless activities to inspire sustainable changes for the environment, society and future generations. These objectives signify its intent to assist society’s most vulnerable groups and create more value for the community.

LG Energy Solution also actively engages in all kinds of corporate social responsibility initiatives in China, which extends to sponsoring the annual China University Student Battery Innovation Contest and claiming the top spot in the CSR index for the battery industry three straight times at the annual Blue Book of Corporate Social Responsibility Launch Conference & China ESG Winter Summit. Through these diverse social contributions, the leading battery innovator remains at the forefront of corporate social responsibility and public welfare, showcasing its commitment to making a difference in China.