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LG Energy Solution Vertech: Creating a New Legacy in Battery Energy Storage

Rendering Image of Energy Storage System (ESS) installed at LG Energy Solution Vertech
(Source: LG Energy Solution Vertech)

In an age where environmental sustainability is paramount, the rise in distributed renewable energy is inevitable – and with it, energy storage. Global warming has underlined the urgent need for advancing our electric grids to manage power demand and produce renewable energy consistently. LG Energy Solution aims to lead the transition to a renewable energy grid with its subsidiary, LG Energy Solution Vertech.

LG Energy Solution Vertech delivers integrated, reliable, and bankable energy storage systems and services, delighting customers and creating a sustainable world by leveraging a unique and simplified market approach, streamlined project process, and reliable supply chain.

LG Energy Solution Vertech’s origins can be traced back to 2022 when LG Energy Solution acquired NEC Energy Solutions (NECES), an Energy Storage System (ESS) integrator based in the U.S. LG Energy Solution then established LG Energy Solution Vertech to integrate complete energy storage systems including software, services, and hardware manufactured by the parent company. The outcome is a unique vertically integrated approach to ESS projects that streamlines operations beyond the capabilities of traditional system integrators.

The Mission of LG Energy Solution Vertech

LG Energy Solution Vertech’s commitment to delivering value to customers extends beyond the engineering phase to cover the entire ESS lifecycle with four key value propositions:

  • Vertically Integrated Battery and System Technology: maintaining direct access to battery suppliers and ensuring seamless integration to optimize customer value.
  • System-level Warranties with Responsive Support: systems backed by robust warranties that give users peace of mind and responsive customer service that solves their problems promptly.
  • Excellence in Customer Experience: customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of LG Energy Solution Vertech’s approach, as it strives to exceed expectations in every interaction.
  • A Legacy of Successful Projects: with 15 years of experience, 141 projects completed, 1.7 GWh of Energy Storage installed, and 16 GWh of batteries supplied across the globe, LG Energy Solution has built a reputation through its unmatched reliability. This legacy is strengthened even more by the support of LG Energy Solution Vertech, as it guarantees the best customer solutions in the industry.
The California Project of LG Energy Solution Vertech
(Source: LG Energy Solution Vertech)

One of LG Energy Solution Vertech’s successful projects can be found in California, where it installed a 1,075 MWh ESS portfolio that has provided crucial Transmission and Distribution (T&D) support since 2020. LG Energy Solution Vertech is engaged in more expansion projects encompassing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services and comprehensive system integration, reinforcing its commitment to a sustainable energy future.

The synergy between the battery original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and system integrator is essential. LG Energy Solution Vertech’s direct access to its battery supplier and proprietary battery data enhances its system integration, software, and analytics. The unique connection between battery manufacturer and system integrator empowers LG Energy Solution Vertech to provide customers with fully integrated systems that achieve the highest ROI possible.

ML350 Arial View
(Source: LG Energy Solution Vertech)

As the world shifts its focus to sustainable energy, LG Energy Solution Vertech stands as a highly reliable partner that brings its vast expertise, innovation, and dedication to the forefront.

While the global ESS market is on the cusp of a remarkable expansion thanks to innovative and sustainable energy policies designed to drive efficient renewable energy generation, LG Energy Solution Vertech’s value propositions and successful projects attest to its commitment to creating a more sustainable and efficient energy future.