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Supplementary Stories

LG Energy Solution Outlines its Commitment to Better Future via Cooperation and Technological Leadership at WNEVC

LG Energy Solution, the leading innovator of next-generation batteries, participated in WNEVC 2022 (World New Energy Vehicle Congress) that took place from August 26-28, in Beijing and Hainan, China.

The WNEVC invites industry-leading companies to present new energy-related technologies and discuss new energy development for the environment. This year’s fourth edition of WNEVC was held to shift the trajectory of the energy industry by promoting a greener ecosystem, sustainable development, green cooperation, and carbon reduction.

During the conference, global leaders across the energy sector came together to discuss electrification and global cooperation with a shared vision of carbon neutrality. Yeong-jun Shin, CTO of LG Energy Solution, gave a special presentation on the importance of leaders taking on cross-industry cooperation for a globally coordinated supply chain, and went on to explain how the company is keeping pace with the rapidly evolving global market.

During his presentation, Shin presented three major challenges for accelerating the EV market: 1) improving energy density for longer mileage, 2) reducing charging time, 3) securing price competitiveness.

He emphasized LG Energy Solution’s active efforts to develop future-oriented technologies engineered to break new ground. “First, we are taking the lead in nickel-rich NCMA cathode material technology which is key to unlocking longer driving ranges,” said Shin. “Second, we aim to realize batteries that charge within 15 minutes by deploying a high-efficiency silicon anode material.”

“Also, our new dry electrode fabrication process will enable the production of thick and even electrodes, which in turn allows for higher energy density batteries. And our AI-based battery diagnosis technology screens the quality of products during roll-out, and assesses the remaining value of end-of-life batteries to accurately determine whether they should be reused or recycled.”

In addition, LG Energy Solution has introduced its Open Innovation program for developing next-generation batteries, which involves conducting in-house research, as well as collaborations with top universities, startups, and research institutes.

Furthermore, LG Energy Solution announced its vision and plan for ESG. The company recently joined the RE100 initiative as part of its climate action and now boasts a renewable transition rate of 33%, the highest rate among the 14 Korean RE100 members. LG Energy Solution is even doubling down on its commitment to the industry’s green and low-carbon transition, as it takes its status as a global battery leader seriously.