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LG Energy Solution Hosts EV Camping Event with Hyundai Motor Company

LG Energy Solution × HYUNDAI IONIQ 6’s EV camping event

Batteries can do a lot more than just running electric vehicles. To highlight various benefits of batteries and raise awareness of the importance of carbon reduction in a consumer-friendly way, LG Energy Solution hosted an EV camping event in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company. The event provided opportunities to add more convenience to outdoor activities with Hyundai Motor Company’s IONIQ 6, equipped with LG Energy Solution’s battery, showcasing its exceptional battery technology and its impact on lifestyle changes, promoting carbon neutrality.

In line with the carbon-zero mission, every aspect of the event was organized to fully utilize EVs, and experience EV battery technology and environmental sustainability while enjoying beautiful nature. A total of 50 people pitched their tents at Ulmi Forest camping ground in Pocheon, Korea. Participants were selected through a draw, consisting of 14 teams (40 people) who already own an IONIQ 6 and four teams (10 people) aspiring to own one.

V2L cinema offered to participants

In addition to presenting LG Energy Solution’s cutting-edge battery technologies, the event featured various eco-friendly activities to offer participants a carbon-zero experience while exploring the countryside and nature with Vehicle to Load (V2L), a feature that allows energy stored in the EV battery to power external devices.

Activities and amenities included a V2L cafe/snack bar, a V2L photo zone, battery classes and a battery quiz contest. There was even an outdoor cinema with a projector run by IONIQ 6. LG Energy Solution and Hyundai Motor Company endeavored to familiarize participants with the companies, EVs and batteries while enjoying a joyful and interactive experience on outdoor trips including camping.

An EV battery class held at LG Energy Solution × HYUNDAI IONIQ 6’s EV camping event

In particular, the battery class received positive attention from many participants. Taught by an LG Energy Solution battery expert, the class instructed attendants on basic battery knowledge, the importance of battery management and management methods.

“This event was designed to give EV owners, who are the end-users of our battery products, an opportunity to experience the customer value of ‘carbon-zero’ through our batteries. We plan to continue conducting various marketing activities in the future to bring awareness of EV batteries to the public,” an LG Energy Solution official said.

Satisfied by the interactive EV and battery technologies learning experience, participants commented, “It was wonderful spending time in nature with loved ones, experiencing the outdoors with the convenience of an impeccably set up environment using an eco-friendly EV. I am genuinely thankful for the opportunities to grasp the functionality of EVs and their batteries, their contributions to a more sustainable world, and to experience V2L firsthand,” and “Thank you for your effort in preparing this event. We hope that LG Energy Solution will continue to strengthen our pride as Koreans through innovation with batteries and futuristic vehicles.

Camping Spot offered at LG Energy Solution × HYUNDAI IONIQ 6’s EV camping event

Following the success of the EV camping event, LG Energy Solution plans to host more eco-friendly events and campaigns to foster consumer-friendly engagement in the future. To check out the highlights of the EV camping event, click here.