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LG Energy Solution Highlights Dominance in European EV Battery Market

As demand for electric vehicles continues to soar in forward-thinking European countries, LG Energy Solution’s ambitious vision, “Bateriami z Wrocławia napędzamy Europę (English: We power Europe with batteries from Wrocław),” was put in the spotlight in Wrocław, Poland to remind people of the company’s technological leadership when it comes to innovation in vehicle batteries.

The world’s leading battery manufacturer’s outdoor billboards, which have been placed on the exteriors of Arkady Wrocławskie (one of Wrocław’s biggest shopping malls) and Centrum Medyczne DOBRZYŃSKA (a public medical center in the heart of the city) since September, are now captivating passersby with their spectacular visuals and local touches.

The message on the billboards read: “Bateriami z Wrocławia napędzamy Europę (We power Europe with batteries from Wrocław),” acting as a reminder of the fact that LG Energy Solution Wrocław is the first and largest electric vehicle battery production facility in the whole of Europe.

Established in 2016, this factory will play a vital role in LG Energy Solution continuously increasing its market share by allowing it to power more and more electric cars across Europe, further strengthening its leading position and pioneering status in the automotive industry.

LG Energy Solution’s expansive billboards show two dwarfs rolling a globe over a battery icon. A big tourist attraction in Wrocław, these famous dwarfs came about when an anti-communist underground movement arose in the 1980s, as small embodiments of the campaign. And, due to their cultural significance and popularity, there are more than 520 dwarfs spread across the city. LG Energy Solution chose these popular dwarfs to deliver its vision to the people and visitors of Wrocław, while piquing their interest by incorporating a part of its vibrant culture into the campaign to make it feel more personal to them.

The particularly famous Sisyphean pair live along the street of Świdnicka, with one trying to push the ball forward while the other pushes back. In contrast to the original, in LGES’s depiction, the two gnomes are working in synergy on top of the LG Energy Solution battery, pushing the stone globe forward together as one to represent the battery giant’s robust network and collaborations with diverse global brands.

Meanwhile, LG Energy Solution Wrocław plans to increase its annual capacity from 70 GWh to 115 GWh by 2025 so that more consumers can experience the benefits of its cutting-edge battery technology.