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LG Energy Solution Nanjing Enabling Greener Future through Eco-friendly Process Technology

LG Energy Solution (LGES) is leading the world’s transition to electric vehicles (EV) not only through its innovative battery technologies but also by manufacturing cutting-edge batteries sustainably. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Kisik Ma, Environment & Safety Department Leader of China, published in People’s Daily – one of China’s most influential daily newspapers.

Mr. Ma, who has been working in China for six years, frequently enjoys cycling along the Yangtze River. He says he recently noticed cleaner water, fresher air and more green space compared to when he first took office in Nanjing in 2020. He believes that’s partly down to companies in the area enhancing their technologies to better protect the environment, as the Chinese government continues to constrain eco-harmful practices by imposing stricter environmental regulations. His workplace is one of the facilities significantly increasing its investment in environmental conservation.

At LGES Nanjing, where Mr. Ma works, the scale of investment in environmental protection is on the rapid rise as it continues to upgrade its facilities for improved contaminated water treatment, gray water recycling and circulation. At the same time, the company has been minimizing the landfill waste it generates across the entire facility and is now pushing to convert its entire energy source to renewable energy.

In addition, it recently implemented a ‘solvent waste secondary recovery facility,’ a cutting-edge technology developed after three years of research. Using this eco-friendly device, the organic solvent emissions generated during the manufacturing process are condensed into liquid form and collected in a recovery tower. Then, 82 percent of that liquid is distilled inside a rectification tower, and continuously recycled. Furthermore, any residual waste liquid is injected into an evaporator where it is filtered once again and distilled. As a result, the company has achieved an impressive resource recovery rate of over 95 percent while reducing outsourced hazardous waste by more than 2,000 tons every year. This not only reduces the amount of hazardous waste contaminating the environment, but also helps alleviate the environmental pollution generated during waste shipment.

Kisik Ma, Environment & Safety Department Leader of China (center) and colleagues planting trees in Nanjing

In addition to actively launching various activities to rejuvenate the community’s ecosystem, LGES Nanjing has made a new large investment of RMB 25 million (USD 3.69 million) to improve its environmental protection facilities as it continues to reduce emissions with the aim of converting them into eco-friendly manufacturing resources.

Supported and led by the Nanjing municipal government, LGES Nanjing has also been selected as a leading company in sustainable development in Jiangsu province, which Mr. Ma proudly says “demonstrates how LG Energy Solution Nanjing is actively contributing to sustainable development with great enthusiasm.”