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LG Energy Solution Wroclaw Welcomes Local Community at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s booth at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023

MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023 has now wrapped up in Lower Silesia Region, Poland, after hosting nearly 20,000 people at its jam-packed site. During the weekend of August 26, car enthusiasts gathered to admire around 250 classic and contemporary automobiles. Also in attendance as a special exhibitor was LG Energy Solution Wroclaw to demonstrate the innovation powering the automotive industry’s advancement.

The presence of the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw brand at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023 was motivated by its Employer Branding goal to increase the company’s brand recognition in the Lower Silesia region. These efforts are expected to benefit recruitment, talent acquisition, and as a result, the development of its factory in Bisupice Podgórne nearby Wroclaw.

At this year’s MotoClassic Wroclaw, participants were treated to a comprehensive exploration of the automotive world, from the most exquisite vintage models and latest tech-infused cars from the biggest brands in the world, all the way to the automotive product and services sectors.

The LG Energy Solution Wroclaw’s Booth at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023

This special event brings together classic car lovers and modern car enthusiasts from Central Europe to celebrate their mutual passion for automotive design and engineering. Additionally, industry leaders like LG Energy Solution Wroclaw were invited to share a deeper understanding of the EV revolution taking place while providing attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the latest cutting-edge EV battery technologies. Therefore, this event was not only a showcase of iconic cars, but also a platform for learning about the world of EV technology.  

The LG Energy Solution Wroclaw brand zone at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023

Notably, the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw brand zone at MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023 drew the attention of those fascinated by the future of automotives. To satiate their need for information, experts from LG Energy Solution Wroclaw were on site to share their expertise on the production and characteristics of the EV batteries, as well as the futuristic technologies which are already improving the production process.

Within the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw brand zone was an exhibition that let visitors take a closer look at the cells, modules and floats (i.e., battery components) featured in the electric cars of leading global manufacturers. As a result, visitors gained invaluable insight into the various steps involved in the battery production process, and witnessed firsthand batteries being manufactured at the Biskupice Podgorne plant.

After its appearance at EV Experience 2022 last year, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw leveled up its efforts at this year’s MotoClassic Wroclaw by properly introducing itself to the Lower Silesian region’s family-oriented communities, hoping to strike a stronger bond with the locals.

Jangha Lee (left), President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, Roman Potocki (center), Wroclaw County Governor, and Yong Girl Lee (right), External Relations Director at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw

“LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is extremely proud to make its debut at a classic automotive event with its participation in this year’s MotoClassic Wroclaw,” said Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. “The automotive industry has a great history and an equally exciting future. By bringing the LG Energy Solution Wroclaw brand to this event, we wanted to show to car enthusiasts the direction in which the automotive market is heading over the coming decades, and therefore all of us – everyday car users.”

Meanwhile, as Europe’s and the wider world’s leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for automotives, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw continues to actively engage in various initiatives to support its local communities and foster the region’s high standing in the EV battery industry.

Just as LG Energy Solution Wroclaw has took part in key regional events, like last year’s EV Experience powered by LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, European Economic Congress (EEC 2023), and MotoClassic Wroclaw 2023, it is committed to maintaining a positive presence within the industry and local community as another way of solidifying its status as a leader of the battery market in Europe and the world.